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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review: The Yoga of Max's Discontent

I must admit, I haven't been a faithful blogger, but it is ASH Wednesday, 2016, and being more faithful to my loyal fans is part of my "repenting" this year.

I'm starting with a review of a wonderful book by Karen Bajaj called


     When I finished reading this excellent book,
I wanted to start reading it all over again.

Max's story,
Karen's writing,
my being caught up in the path that leads to fulfilment--
   all of these are reasons I both wanted and did not want the book to end.

Each setback,
   and each determined effort to continue seeking
added to my involvement.

   "How will this all end?" I asked myself as I read on and on.
   "Would I consider undertaking such a journey for myself?"

And as a writer, I tried to analyze how Ms. Bajaj wove such an engaging and realistic story.

Max, born and raised in the projects in the Bronx by a dedicated single mother, works his way out of the ghetto by studying hard and dedicating himself to success. At age 29, his mother dies of cancer and he is drawn to give up a promising career and seek the way of the yogi in India. Karen tells this story so  well, I felt present in the cold and the heat, the fatigue and hunger, that Max endures.

I will reread this story and I anticipate I will learn more about Max, Karen, and myself as I do so.