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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reaching for the Stars

"A man's reach must always exceed his grasp, else what's a Heaven for?"

This is one of the quotations we memorized in Miss Skillen's English class years ago.  Remember that I went to school before the days of gender correctness, and "man" was a generic term for any human.

"Reaching for the stars" used to be poetic or symbolic, but today our space explorations have actually reached for stars and are sending back messages.

And we see that "stardom" has given another meaning to the phrase.

My take on the quotation is simply this:
  • Set your goals high.  Aim for whatever you desire the most.
  • Realize that you are not likely to win the Lottery, or receive the President's Award, or play in the Olympics.
  • Don't let that realization keep you from doing your best.

  • Else what't a Heaven for? 
What are you reaching for? 

         I wish you success in your reach.

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