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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Celebrating Birthdays--

In my opinion the more birthday celebrations the better.  I know people who stop celebrating at a certain age: "I'm too old for such foolishness," they say.  But I think you can't get too much of a good thing.

One year I "took my birthday on the road" visiting my kids close to the day and dragging out the celebration in a delightful series of birthday dinners--and cake and ice cream in three different states.

One of my friends calls her children at the hour they were born each year.  It works a bit easier for the daughter born during the day, but to greet the son born in the wee hours she has to stay up extra late.  Still it is a nice tradition and I applaud her.  In my family, calling on the day is important, but sometimes even that doesn't work, and we are glad to hear the same week if that is the best we can do.

I turned 78 on Wednesday, and due to events at church here and business in Georgia and Wisconsin where my children live, my birthday calls were before and after the big day.  An email (and an ecard from my grandson) greeted me on the day.  I smiled when both the cruise lines we have traveled with and the gym where we take our exercise wished me an online happy day.

Today, Saturday, I went to the Comfort House--Pella's Hospice facility--to say happy birthday to a friend with whom I have jointly celebrated our May birthdays over the last few years.  We never know what will happen but it looks pretty clear that my friend's 83rd birthday will be her last here on earth.  Next year we will celebrate her memory and think about her surrounded by God's love in a more peaceful and less painful place.

Happy birthday, Joyce, and for all of you others: 

                                                         A Very Merry Unbirthday.

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