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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tulip Time in Pella--2013

This was what greeted us on Friday of
this year's Tulip Time Celebration
Today, Saturday of Tulip Time, Pella finally had one of the six parades scheduled for the three day festival. Tonight the lighted parade was to be held in a light rain, but the stage show was cancelled.

Yesterday was snowed out (see the photo at right) and Thursday's activities were rained out.

A year ago I wrote about Tulip Time in Pella that the unseasonably warm winter and spring of 2012 had caused all but a few tulips to bloom in April and people coming in May had missed the beauty.

This year please consider
coming next week
 or even the week after for some beautiful blooms. Tulips actually like cold and snow and generally keep their pretty shape longer.

Perhaps 2014 will find the happy medium. It is always fun to be in Pella.

Many people work hard to make you feel welcome. The weather--not so much.

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