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Saturday, July 20, 2013

What did you "used to think"?

At the Book Launch Party
What's in a name?

I named my blog "I Used to Think" because no one ever says "I used to know."
I used to think everyone who didn't  agree with me was just being obstinate.
Now I know that the variety of backgrounds, personal history and life events lead different people to think differently. 
As a fiction writer, I have been able to explore some of the many ways historical events have been viewed by those who lived through them.
My goal in my novel was to examine the turbulent time period between 1918 and 1969, with the enormous changes in roles and mores.
I hope to connect with readers who lived through those times or wonder about what it might have been like. 
(And I'd like them to buy my book, of course.)
I used to think that publishing a novel would be all I'd need to be satisfied.
Now I know I want to do whatever I can to get my book into the hands of more readers.

What are some of the ideas you used to hold that have changed over the years?

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