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Friday, September 13, 2013

This is your lucky day

Friday the thirteenth.

When I was a teen, our wonderful youth leaders at Edgewater Presbyterian Church in Chicago taught us a lesson to live by.
Something that others might consider "unlucky" can just as easily be "lucky."  

Gene and Francis Blackwell taught senior high Sunday School and led our Sunday evening fellowship group. Once a month we would have a "social", a party, with games and food and lots of fun.
  • It became a tradition that whenever the second Friday fell on  the thirteenth the party was themed "This is Your Lucky Night."
  • One of our favorite games was quick drawing of mystery phrases, a game that was later marketed as Pictionary.

Over the years, Friday the thirteenth became one of my favorite days of the month. Pogo and other characters from the comic strip by Walt Kelly would often make a point of telling each other what day the thirteenth fell on: "Friday the thirteenth fell on a Tuesday this month," they would point out, or words to this effect.

But today,
Friday the thirteenth falls on A FRIDAY,
and for that reason, I will tell you,
"This is your lucky day."
By the way: seventeen month ago, on Friday the thirteenth of April, 2012, I posted a similar post. Goes to show you that I really do like to celebrate this day.
Any superstitions you like to "celebrate"? Any that you carefully follow? 

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