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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

Second Day of Christmas

What's going on here?
Guest post by Heather the Cat--
Too much for a cat to take in. A new green climbing toy with treasures to pull down and chase around the room. Everyone too busy to even provide the necessary laps for napping.

Then come hordes of (four) vistors to play games with cats.

During what should be a quiet night people are sneaking in to set out more interesting stuff.

The quiet time ends with loud voices and the shuffling of packages all around.

Soon a celebration of shiny paper everywhere leaves me new boxes to jump into. Absolute Heaven for cats.

Suddenly the people are all gone and we are back to only two laps to crawl up in. Where did they all go?

 I hope they leave this new green climbing post here. Callie and I can take turns prancing up and down it. The people are too tired to even pay attention to how I settle into the tree branches and sleep there undisturbed.

{Thanks to guest blogger, Heather. I'm worn out with Christmas merriment.}

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