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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hi, College of Wooster Grads from 1956

Book launch party for Too Much Left Unsaid
Our class secretary Pat Young, from the  College of Wooster class of 1956, posted a nice comment about me and my new novel, Too Much Left Unsaid, in the Winter 2014 Wooster Magazine.
Thanks, Pat.
Pat directed those interested in learning more about the book to come to this page, so I thought I would greet you here.

My email is if you want to send me a note.

Some friends who have already read my book have told me they enjoyed it and asked how to spread the word. I have an author profile on Goodreads and on Amazon, so you would be welcome to post there any kind things (or even critical things) you have to say about this fiction set in mid-twentieth century.

You can download the eBook version on any of several platforms or you can order the paperback from Barnes and Noble or from Amazon. I'd even be glad to mail you a copy from Pella, Iowa, signed by me if you want to contact me. But don't stop there. Ask your library and your local bookstore to order a copy. Tell your friends that you "knew me when."

I've enjoyed writing this book and am working on the next one. Hope the years since graduation have been fulfilling for you.

Peace, Lee Joanne (Marcus) Collins.

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